World Changer Story

0 Comments 2nd June 2018

World Changer Story   “Pastor? Can you help me?” “Pastor? Why did he do this to me?” “Pastor? What do I do with my son?” The parishioners peppered the gentleman with questions . . . seeking his attention, his guidance and his advice. Known for his community involvement this man dedicates his life to serving […]

I Am A Voice In The World Pledge


I Am A Voice In The World Pledge I raise my hand to be A Voice In The World. I will take time TODAY to make a difference in the world. I will take time TODAY to do one thing – for one person. I will take time TODAY to spread some love & caring […]

Charity, especially in moments of success helps create a sense of balance…


Charity, especially in moments of success helps create a sense of balance Whenever I have a positive life experience, I share that satisfaction with my peers and others. Sharing the experience and fruits of my success creates balance in my life. Earning a substantial compensation after diligent work feels good. It validates my conviction that […]

Teaching Kids About Money

0 Comments 18th May 2018

Teaching Kids About Money Has Never Been So Much Fun! Using Entertaining Stories, Puzzles And Activities, This Great Package Of Books And Audio Helps Children Learn About Money And Creates Positive Values For Life. Click here.

Amazing Guide To Starting A Non Profit

0 Comments 17th May 2018

The Non-Profit Guide Is A One Stop Shop For Non-Profit Development. Every Nonprofit Startup Needs A Step By Step Guide To Success! Click Here!   List Created by Arvna’s Blog

The Beginners System For Writing Funded Grant Proposals


At Last! All The Tools For The Beginning Fundraiser To Create Winning Foundation Grant Proposals. Click Here!

Simple Development Systems: Successful Nonprofit Fundraising


Learn The Secrets To Developing A Donor-centric Fundraising Plan For Your Nonprofit Organization And Raise All The Money You Need To Focus On Your Mission – Instead Of Chasing Dollars! Click Here!

When People and Technology Connect for a Greater Good

0 Comments 16th May 2018

By Sandi Hunter Recently at a dear friend’s funeral, I heard someone remark that she would live on in our hearts and on her FaceBook page. For some of us there that day, the fact that Isabella still had a FaceBook page including recent posts made it seem she was still here among the living. […]

Community Service From Boyscouts-Its All About That

0 Comments 15th May 2018

Community service from Boyscouts is an integral part of what the Boy Scouting organization is all about. The projects selected give the Scout a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Community service from Boyscouts is an integral part of being loyal and trustworthy. No matter how long or short the project is, it can have a […]

Cashless Society-Never See One Red Cent

0 Comments 7th May 2018

There are probably almost a majority of people today who believe the move towards a cashless society is good. Direct pay deposits and debit card purchases are have become practically synonymous with the air we breathe every day. Paying bills online, and solely using that little plastic card we get from the bank to make […]